Education State Summer School

Education State Summer School
Come and attend a summer school together with your children or pupils!
As Education State we prepared various optional summer camps for you!

But Why a Summer School Abroad?
With every day English is becoming more and more important than ever. Nowadays the teaching of English starts with little kids. And a summer school abroad in an english-speaking country is thus a perfect opportunity to improve your English!

 What does the Summer School Programme include?
-15 hourse of english classes per week
-An Activity every afternoon
-Breakfast and Dinner (buffet)
-Weekend trip including northern Ireland
-Go-cart on Sunday
-Single or double room
-Airport transfer
-10 pupils means: 1 teacher for free!!
15 hourse of English Course per week
-Five different levels (Beginner-Advanced)
-Course materials
-Certificate after having completed class
-By request, in groups
-Sports hall in the campus and Internet access
-Rooms for 2 or 4 persons
-Kitchen and laundry
-Table tennis, Billiards, PS3, Kicker
-You can rent a bike

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