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The most preferred accommodation type by the students, who come to Ireland especially for language education, is host family accommodation. Host families provide regular life opportunity and secure environment. The student will live as a member of an Irish family for the duration of their stay. This accommodation option allows the student to practice English outside of the classroom and immerse themselves in Irish family culture.

As Education State, we decide to work with a family after we make face-to-face interviews and examine the environment of the house.

Host Family Rates For Students
Type of Rooms  Other Terms (per week)
 Summer Terms (per week)
Double Rooms  190€  205€
Single Rooms  190€  205€
Ensuite Rooms (subject to availibility)   215€  235€
Summer Term: June, July, August

 Host Family arrangement fee is €70 per person.

What do host families offer?

• Opportunity for English practice
• Reliable families who have references
• Breakfast and dinner on weekdays
• Three meals at weekends
• Laundry
• Single or double rooms


1. How far is the school from the accommodation?

Families usually live in dublex houses in Ireland. The school you will attend will approximately be 5-10 km far from your accommodation. You can get to school by one public transport. It will take 25-60 minutes. On buses you have free Wifi, so you can make good use of the time.

2. Will I have a key?

Yes, you will. Families hand over you the keys on the day of your arrival.

3. Are there times to be home?

Most of the families have rules you should respect therefore it could be that you cannot enter the house late at night.

4. Am I allowed to use the kitchen?

This depends on the family. Some families allow students to cook for themselves, whereas some do not.

5. Will there be another student there?

If the family have another room to rent, there could be another student. However, the other student will not be from the same country.

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