Living Costs

living costs in Ireland
Tesco , Spar , Lidl and Aldi are due to their favourable prices the most preferred markets in Ireland.

Moreover, if you do not want to spend too much money on clothes and accessory, Penneys would be a good option for you.
“Is the cost of living high in Ireland?” In order to answer this question we prepared you a list of average prices in Ireland:

 Bread: 1-3 Euro
 Milk: 2-3 Euro
 Butter: 2-3 Euro
 Cola: 1-2 Euro
 Noodles: 1-2 Euro
 Meat: 5-6 Euro (kg)
 Eggs: 3-4 Euro
 Fruits: 1-3 Euro
 Doner: 6-10 Euro
 Rents (house): 1200 Euro (average; city center is more expensive)
 Rents (Single room): 500-800 (average)

Leap card costs: about 100 Euros monthly, if you take the public transport 5 days a week.

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